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Each Year group is  working hard this term exploring Art throughout their Theme lessons. Each year group is currently exploring art while studying The Romans, The Stone Age, Victorian Inventions and Ancient Egypt. Look below to see the Art that the children created last term.






Music is taught to each class once a fortnight. This term each year will be studying the following topics.

Year 3 - Reggae Music - Three Little Birds - the children will be listening and appreciating music while developing their musical language.  They will develop an understanding of how music is built on foundations of beat, rhythm and pitch.  They will work in pairs and small groups to develop short performances for their peers.

Year 4 - Pop Music - Mamma Mia 


Year 5 - Rock Music - Don't Stop Believin


Year 6 - Rock Music - Livin on a Prayer

In our school many children are also taking part in different musical instrument lessons. Year 4, 5 and 6 children are given the opportunity to take violin lessons and year 5 and 6 children can take guitar lessons. 

Music - la Musique


Music does not always sound the same.  It can often change the way you feel.  Listen to the extracts of music and think about how the music makes you feel.  Choose an appropriate face to match how you feel. Have fun! Click on the smiley to connect.



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