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We always work hard and try our best!

The staff in 3S are Miss Stanworth and Mrs Marshall. 

During our UK topic, the children and I explored the features of towns and cities. We discuss the high rise buildings, local amenities, landmarks and transport often attributed to busy cities. Using these features as a guideline, the children worked together to create their very own cardboard city!

Our study of The UK

Our study of The UK 1
Our study of The UK 2
Our study of The UK 3
Our study of The UK 4
Our study of The UK 5
Our study of The UK 6
Our study of The UK 7
Our study of The UK 8
Our study of The UK 9
Our study of The UK 10
Our study of The UK 11
Our study of The UK 12

This term the children and I have been discussing the terms magnetic and non-magnetic. In our latest lesson, the children worked in pairs to predict whether a range of objects were magnetic or non-magnetic. These predictions led to interesting discussion about what the objects were made from and what they must contain in order to have magnetic properties. Following our predictions, the children used magnets to determine how accurate their predictions really were. Naturally...there were some surprises along the way :) 

Magnetic or Non Magnetic?

Magnetic or Non Magnetic? 1
Magnetic or Non Magnetic? 2
Magnetic or Non Magnetic? 3
Magnetic or Non Magnetic? 4
Magnetic or Non Magnetic? 5
Magnetic or Non Magnetic? 6
Magnetic or Non Magnetic? 7

This term, the children and I have embarked on a study of one of history's most fascinating civilizations.....The Romans.


After observing and creating a timeline of the main events in the Roman Empire, the children considered and recorded any questions they had about these ancient people. These are questions we hope to answer during the course of this topic.


In our latest lesson, the children learned a great deal about what everyday life was like in Ancient Rome. Using a cooperative learning model, each group of children became experts in one aspect of life in Ancient Rome. On completion of their research they then had the opportunity to share their learning with children from other groups who in turn shared their learning also.


The children took their teaching responsibility very seriously leading to some excellent exchanges of information :)

The Romans

The Romans 1
The Romans 2
The Romans 3
The Romans 4
The Romans 5