Out Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School

Update 18th May 2020: Newsletter 16 has now been posted on the school website. Children's weekly remote learning tasks will be published on the class pages each Monday morning. School remains closed until further notice. We are providing emergency childcare for children of key workers where absolutely no other provision is available to them. The school app and school website will continue to be used to communicate with families during this closure. Please stay safe and follow the government guidelines as tightly and carefully as you are able!

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We always work hard and try our best!

The staff in 3S are Miss Stanworth and Mrs Marshall. 

Visit to the Welsh Harp 


3S had a great day at the Welsh Harp Environmental Centre on Monday 8th October. The children went as part of their Science topic on Rocks and also had the chance to look at different soils. They had the opportunity to show off their knowledge on different types of rocks, create their own volcanoes, explore fossils within rocks and complete an experiment on the permeability of different types of soil. All of the children participated really well and behaved fantastically! Well done 3S!

Visit to the Welsh Harp

Visit to the Welsh Harp 1
Visit to the Welsh Harp 2
Visit to the Welsh Harp 3
Visit to the Welsh Harp 4
Visit to the Welsh Harp 5
Visit to the Welsh Harp 6

Mad about Maths!


3S have really enjoyed learning all about, fractions, measure, rounding and of course, adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplication! We used trundle wheels to measure the length of the playground and convert it from meters into centimeters. We also used blocks to help us with our fractions and fraction additions. 3S also really enjoyed the maths play, which was about a stolen calculation machine. 3S  had to answer mathmatical clues to solve the problem! 


Mad about Maths!

Mad about Maths! 1
Mad about Maths! 2
Mad about Maths! 3
Mad about Maths! 4
Mad about Maths! 5
Mad about Maths! 6
Mad about Maths! 7
Mad about Maths! 8
Mad about Maths! 9
Mad about Maths! 10

Super Scientists!

Super Scientists! 1
Super Scientists! 2
Super Scientists! 3
Super Scientists! 4
During science we have been investigating lots of different things! We firstly looked at how light travels, then we carried out an experiment to investigate shadows, it was really fun using all the torches. Our new topic is all around "Our gardens" and we are growing our own cress seeds in a potato! Take a look... 


P.E  1
P.E  2
P.E  3
P.E  4
P.E  5