Out Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School

We wish our entire school community a safe and restful summer break. School will resume in the autumn term on Thursday 2nd September. Please read 'September 2021 Updates & Reminders': Parents - Letters Home.

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School Travel Noticeboard

Welcome to our School Travel Noticeboard

Our Lady of Grace Junior School’s Travel Noticeboard helps keep pupils, staff, parents/carers and visitors up to date with all our travel-related news. We will be promoting upcoming activities and celebrating successful events here!
Where possible we encourage walking, scooting and cycling to school to keep an active mind and body. If one of these options are not possible, we encourage car sharing and using public transport where possible.

Clean Air Super Heroes!

To mark Clean Air Day on June 21st, our Year 3 children have been busy designing Clean Air Superheros to fight air pollution! Don't they look great?

Brighten Your Bag

During Art club this week we were talking about Road Safety. Miss McManamon asked us if we could think of any ideas of how to make ourselves be seen by cars. Jamie thought of key rings for our book bags. We suggested we use reflective and bright colours so we could be seen. We chose fluorescent materials so they would be as bright as possible. We chose our template and traced it out and then cut around it. After this we stuck our designs together and cut them out. Then we used a thing called a laminator to coat the design in plastic to make it even more shiny and hard and waterproof. Then we cut it out and Miss McManamon and Mrs Mahon punched holes and attached them to key rings. Now they are on our book bags! I think they look great, and even more importantly, cars will be able to see them super clearly!


By Wojtek and Darius

Daily Mile at OLOG

We have mapped out a mile in our playgrounds and with our class teacher we are trying to fit a mile into our school day!

Walk to School Week at OLOG 2018

As part of Walk to School Week, we wore our favourite socks to show we had walked to school! We will try and walk to school at least once a week when we can!