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Keeping your child safe online

E Safety

Teaching children how to be safe when using the internet is a key element of our E-Safety programme.  All year groups have lessons each year which teach them about some of the potential dangers when using the internet.  They are taught key safety rules using a variety of different activities that are appropriate to their age.  All children and their parents sign a responsible internet usage policy when starting the school.   Advice on keeping your child safe when using the internet can be found in the downloadable leaflet below.


Social Networking


Social networking sites such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are very popular with young people (even those of primary age) as they allow young people to be creative online and keep in touch with their friends.


However, (unless the site is specifically aimed at younger children)  these sites stipulate a minimum user age of 13 as they are not suitable for children below that age.  Please see further information and guidance in the leaflet below about young people and social networking.