Out Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School

Sports Day-Tuesday 17th July. Children need to wear their PE uniform to school, apply suncream before school, bring a hat and a water bottle. Parents are welcome to attend from 1.15pm to watch the afternoon races.

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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six


Year Six children served at our school Mass in celebration of 50 years of Catholic education at Our Lady of Grace Juniors.

Year Six children served at our school Mass in celebration of 50 years of Catholic education at Our Lady of Grace Juniors. 1



In our learning this week, year 6 combined random numbers with if hit events to make a game where cars (or tortoises!) flipped when they crashed.  The game was named Crossing the Road.

Uyo, Phoebe, Maksym and Hannah's work is displayed in the gallery.



Using random numbers in coding means we can move an object across the screen to simulate a race.  Year 6 assigned random numbers to a dice today to simulate a game.  They then attached this to a time sequence code to make the dice roll automatically.  Finally, they connected the random number to the position of the object on the x axis.  Some apps are linked below.  Well done Marco and Aileen, Daniela and Laura.



Year 6 have created top down racing games where children used values in coding to set the angle and heading of an object's rotation.  This ensures that the object appears to move forwards as it turns. They used values to set acceleration and deceleration.  Finally, they used if functions to control the movement of the object.  Isobel and Gene completed super games.  Test your expertise by following the link.

Gene has used code to make the car appear to skid if it crosses the pink area.  Can you predict the code?



Completing our topic on using numeric values in coding, Year 6 have planned apps which use numbers to control the angle and direction of an object.  The challenge is to move an object to its destination using values to control the  action.




Our learning this term is based on the music of Burt Bacharach and the genre of Jazz.  We will deepen our understanding of the features of jazz music and will listen to and appreciate the music of several classic jazz artists.  We will continue to develop our skills in performance using glockenspiels to play together and begin to improvise using selected notes.  Follow the link here to listen to other classic jazz musicians. 





Rhythm is what makes musical notes sound long or short.  Year six have been learning to chant and clap simple rhythms using notes of 1 count and 1/2 counts and a one count rest.  Use the rhythm trainer below to improve your listening skills.  Have fun!

Le Français


Learning to say the date this topic, you might like to use the Languages Online site for extra practice.  Click the link below:



In our learning today, we spoke about strategies to learn new language.  We answered the question "What helps you learn French?"  Children spoke about using actions to help memory, about using notes, colour highlighting, pictures, aides to remember pronunciation (we use square brackets to represent the sound), songs and repeating sounds aloud.  Some children spoke of decomposing words, breaking them down to help say them.  On the French page you can find videos to support our French phonics. 


Below is a video we used to hear spoken French.  Use this over and over to hear some of the words we began to use today to speak about our families.