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Sports Day-Tuesday 17th July. Children need to wear their PE uniform to school, apply suncream before school, bring a hat and a water bottle. Parents are welcome to attend from 1.15pm to watch the afternoon races.

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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!



Year 4 is bursting with exciting and inspiring learning activities in all subjects throughout the year. The class teachers, Miss Mulholland (4M) and Miss McClymont (4MC), encourage children to display a growth mindset when facing challenges and to try their very best in all areas of school. The devoted, enthusiastic teaching assistants are Mrs Veronika, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Dwyer and Miss Noreen.



This term in Literacy we are looking at limericks in poetry as well as exploring stories from other cultures such as Irish Legends and Jamaican folk-tales. We have written some detailed recounts, discussion texts and reports during our Big Write. 



This term in Numeracy we have been securing our four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have also been looking at shape, measure and data. We are continuing to work on solving one and two step problems involving numbers, money, measures and time. It's important that all children know their times tables, up to 12 times tables, by the end of year four.


Homework in Year 4:


Numeracy: MyMaths (online homework) given on Monday and needs to be completed by Wednesday.
Literacy: Given on Wednesday and needs to be handed in on Friday.
Weekend Homework (Science, RE or Topic): Given on Friday and needs to be handed in on the following Monday.

Spellings: Spellings are given to the children every Monday and tested every Friday.

Times tables: You will also be tested on your times tables every Wednesday. 

Daily Reading: The children are also asked to read daily and make an entry into their reading records.
(Further details about how to help your child can be found on the Home Learning page of the website


Year 4 after school clubs

Monday: Computing club and choir
Wednesday: Homework
Thursday: Tennis
Friday: Football and drama

All clubs run from 3:15pm - 4:15pm

4Mc's Digestive System Experiment

4Mc's Pond Dipping Adventure

Year 4 visit St Gregory's for pond dipping

Well Done to Year 4 on a Super Christmas Performance

We are all very proud of year 4 who performed their Christmas Nativity during the past week.  They spoke and sang beautifully to remind us of the real values of this very special season.

4M's Viking shields

4Mc's Viking Shields

4M's Harvest Assembly


4M's assembly this term was on the very important topic of Harvest. For many years, Our Lady of Grace Junior School has donated many goods through our Harvest collection. More information about this can be found on our RE news page.


Please see below for pictures of 4M explaining the importance of Harvest.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

Year 4 Coding


Year 4 are learning to write instructions to make computers do an action. This term we will use the conditional if statement to control how objects move.  Today we used a conditional if statement to make an object respond to another object.  Our theme today was Snake Trail.



Jan, Reggie, Sasha and Angel have created designs this week.  Check them out in our gallery.


This week we used a conditional if statement to make an object stop when it hit a particular colour.  



Click this link to see work by Abigail  and Lorcan, Emilia and Serene


Our Autumn term is still visible below.


This week we have written code to make a sequence of actions happen one after another.  Nathan and Daisy have planned a space race.



Click on the link to play the sequence

A Space Travel Sequence



Year 4 applied their knowledge of sequence to write algorithms which move objects one after another.

Kayden, Lucas and Pablo reminded the children of what a sequence means.  They said "A sequence is a group of actions which must happen one after another."  The challenge was to code the space ship to land exactly on the planet.   Freddie and Cristina show their work below.


We have moved on our learning to see how sequence coding is used to control physical systems like automatic gates, control barriers and traffic lights.   We may have a future working for TFL!  Click on the gallery to see Katrina and Oran's work.  Ben and Dawid have also been planning to control the traffic.



This week year 4 used sequence codes to create an animation.  The challenge was to create an animation where the snail travelled to munch the apple and the broccoli while avoiding the birds.  We needed to run the code several times in order to set the time sequence accurately.  Antonio and Patryk show their work in the gallery this week.



Year 4 planned apps this week.  The challenge is to create an app using time sequence code to control an object to follow a path.  The plans are complete and many children will begin writing their code next lesson.  Some children are creating a Christmas themed app. 



We coded our apps today using ipads.  Many of the apps have a Christmas theme although some do not.  All of the apps have an object controlled by a time sequence.  Some children have gone deeper in their learning and have added hide and show events to create an interesting animation.  One child learned a very important lesson about reading pop up messages that appear in our work.  He pressed the back button which asked him if he was sure he wanted to leave his work without saving.  He agreed it was ok without reading the message.  Can you guess what happened his work?  Luckily he shared the outcome with the other children so that we all can learn from a silly mistake! 


Click the link below to see some of the products of our coding.  Michael A, Migle, Megan and Lamar have created super apps.


Ici on Parle Français!


Year 4 can express an opinion using J'adore and Je déteste.  If we use actions when learning phrases it really helps our memory.   We learned that in French, a general opinion about a colour for example will include a determiner.   


Moi, j'adore le vert, l'orange et le blanc.  Bien sûr!  Some children can explain why the determiner for orange is different. 


Here is a song we heard today



Continue to practice your colours, challenge your friends and become a colour expert.  Use the link below to try the game at home.  If you are asked for a pin code it will be the numbers at the end of this link.



We have been learning the phrase Je suis this week.  We spoke about the letter-sound patterns.  We listened to and read a story about Les extraterrestres de la planète Saturne and wrote simple sentences about aliens using je suis and a colour.


Our Autumn term learning is shown below:



Today, Year 4 learnt to answer the question 'Quel âge as-tu?' We found out that most children were eight and a half. Listen out for that age in our rap below.  We learnt that an accent on a vowel like â changes its sound. We reminded each other of the soft g sound and played lots of games using numbers.



We are learning that French nouns have a gender.  We can understand which gender by looking at the article before the noun.  This week we focused on the indefinite articles un and une.  They tell whether the noun is masculin or feminin. 

La Reine des Neiges - Je voudrais un bonhomme de neige

Envie de chanter entre amis ? Voici les paroles ! Learn to sing in French. Listen and copy!

Les Trois Petits Cochons - raconté par Capital Koala

Les Trois Petits Cochons racontés et enregistrés par l'équipe de Capital Koala:

Year 4 Musical Term


This term year 4 will return to play the glockenspiel, a tuned percussion instrument.  You can tell a percussion instrument because it will play its sound by hitting, scraping or shaking.  The word glockenspiel is a German word which means a bell sound.  Glockenspiels are made from aluminium and play a higher pitch than a xylophone which is made mostly from wood. Our glockenspiels look a little like this.




Sesame Street - Glockenspiel

Watch and learn how to play!