Out Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School

Friday, 6th July, the children will be allowed to wear their own clothes to school in return for bringing a bottle for the Tombola stand to school. Please note that children should wear trainers or sensible shoes (no high heels or flip flops) and that jewellery is not permitted. Thank you for your continued support.

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


At our Eco Assembly our class performed a song we learnt about changing the world!

3M Singing Change the World

Still image for this video

Waste Week in Year 3

Waste Week in Year 3 1
Waste Week in Year 3 2
Waste Week in Year 3 3
Waste Week in Year 3 4

Year 3 Christmas Performance 2017

We are very proud of all the STARS in Year 3!

We Are Growing in Christ


Year 3 children joined Mrs Jones to pray the rosary throughout October.  October is dedicated to praying this special prayer which was so dear to Our Lady.   We shared quiet reflective moments as we learnt to pray together.  We continue to learn and say this prayer at special moments in our parish.  We were all invited to bring our rosary beads to school for an assembly to end November, the month in which we especially remember our deceased friends and family.  May they Rest in the Peace of the Lord.




3M Assembly October 2017 

Please click on 3M's class page where you will find photos of our recent assembly on Black History Month.

YEAR 3 CLUBS:  Clubs run from 3.15 - 4.15  except Wednesday Tennis which starts at 8.00am.

YEAR 3 CLUBS:  Clubs run from 3.15 - 4.15  except Wednesday Tennis which starts at 8.00am. 1 MONDAY: Football Club and Choir
YEAR 3 CLUBS:  Clubs run from 3.15 - 4.15  except Wednesday Tennis which starts at 8.00am. 2 WEDNESDAY: Homework
YEAR 3 CLUBS:  Clubs run from 3.15 - 4.15  except Wednesday Tennis which starts at 8.00am. 3 WEDNESDAY MORNING: Tennis Club
YEAR 3 CLUBS:  Clubs run from 3.15 - 4.15  except Wednesday Tennis which starts at 8.00am. 4 THURSDAY: Art Club
Picture 1 FRIDAY: Drama

Year 3 are Artists!


Year 3 have enjoyed creating beautiful art pieces this term.  We have used cutting, sketching, painting and sticking skills to create a new piece of work each week.  Some of our work is displayed below.  We are very proud of our work!



Year 3  are Reading Wizards! 


To complete our Year 3 Reading Challenge, we need to read ten books from the Reading Challenge Box.  Look out for these books as they have special stickers. There are a selection of books from different authors and different genres.

If we succeed and read all ten, we will be presented with a certificate and badge at the end of the year.  If any of the books are too challenging, then they can be shared at home as a family book. Look at the Year 3 badge below. 


Year 3 Homework 

Literacy & Numeracy: Given out on a Monday to be returned on Friday.
Weekend homework: Given out on Friday, usually topic or RE based which needs to be handed in on a Monday.  

Spellings: Spellings are given to the children every Monday for a test on Friday.
Talking Homework: The children will sometimes be given talking homework to discuss their ideas for a writing task on Friday. They can bring in any notes they have made to help them in their writing.
Daily Reading: 
The children are also asked to read daily and make an entry into their reading records (further details can be found on the Home Learning Page  
Times tables:
Please help your child learn their x2  x3  x4  x5  x 8 x 10 by the end of year 3 in preparation for Year 4!

Practise using these fun links below:

Year 3 are Musicians!


Year 3 have been learning to read music and clap rhythms this week.  Our music included notes which make us play and rests which make us stay quiet!  Additionally, we tested our knowledge of percussion instruments by playing a game.  Adam had a battle with the whiteboard!   


To access the resource at home, follow the instructions here:


Open a web browser and type


Enter your school password details using My Easy Login


Find resources, Busythings, Key Stage 2, Year 5/6, Music, Percussion games.


This term year 3 are learning to play the glockenspiel which is a tuned percussion instrument.  You can tell a percussion instrument because it will play its sound by hitting, scraping or shaking.  The word glockenspiel is a German word which means a bell sound.  Glockenspiels are made from aluminium and play a higher pitch than a xylophone which is made mostly from wood. Our glockenspiels look a little like this.



Click this link to experiment with different instruments including the xylophone.  

Our Autumn Term Musical Learning


Year 3 are learning to listen to and appreciate reggae music.  We are discussing the song called Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.   We already know the style indicators of a reggae song and are developing our knowledge of technical musical terms.  Today we had a game of beat and rhythm and enjoyed improvising by listening and copying back.  How many adults can explain solo, vocal line, backing or beat?  Don't worry because year 3 do.


We listened to another Marley sing a song today - Ziggy Marley and he sang about.....small people.  We decided it to was a reggae song and we had evidence to prove it.



This week we enjoyed listening to a song by Pluto Sherrington.  It told a funny story about a goat and a bus.  We gathered lots of evidence to help decide if this song was also in the reggae style.  Pluto sang in Patois in this song.  Have a listen to the original version below. 




Composing Music

Year 3 are learning about music notation.  Today we learnt that syllables we sing can be represented by a note.  We learnt that a note tells us two things - the pitch and the duration we should sing or play.

We know that pitch is how high or low a note can be and we used our hands to help visualise where a note lies.  Finally, we played a pitch game.  Follow the link below to play the game again. 


You will need an adult to create a free online account.



Year 3 have created posters to illustrate the features of Reggae Music

Year 3 are Linguists!



Bonjour et bonne année 2018.  Welcome to this term's learning. 


Today we spoke lots of French.  Firstly, we listened to a story about animals.  Click the link below to listen again.  Can you join in?  Then we used all our greeting vocabulary to play a game and finally we performed a dialogue with our partners.


In our French lesson today, we reminded each other of all the French we have listened to, spoken and heard in the first term of year 3.  Additionally, we looked at food, places and knowledge about France.  Our new learning included the sound "oi".  Year 3 learned a hand action to help remember this sound which is very different to its English equivalent.   



Using one word with this sound - Voici we wrote and spoke sentences about animals.  We included a connective.  Jared was super at speaking the connective clearly.  If you can use a French connective, make sure it is heard.  It makes your sentence so much better.  How would you describe this sentence in French?   Write it on a page and give it to me during the week.


Bonne chance!




We responded to instructions today and began to understand how an accent on a vowel changes its sound.  Our phonic focus is the sound é.  


Follow this link for more French support


You may need help to play this game as it needs Flash Player to run. 


Drag the pictures from the right and place them in the room. 

Click the picture of the garçon to check if you have found all the pictures with the sound é. 

You may need to try a couple of times.

Then you will see the spelling and hear the French reading.


Bonne chance!

Les Animaux



Year 3 challenged themselves to learn the names of 7 animals in French this week.  We had lots of fun behaving in character.  Watch and listen to the video below to remind yourself of the french. 

Apprendre les animaux et leurs cris pour les enfants (Français)

Today we made a guessing game using French.  Hidden below the tabs are animals.  In order to glimpse a tiny piece of the animal, the player must say the colour or number.  Finally, the player must guess the animal.  Bien sûr on doit parler français!   Can you guess the animals below?

The Little Pianist: Learn French with subtitles - Story for Children ""

Azul adore jouer du piano . Azul loves to play the piano and he wants to become not just a good pianist but a great pianist.

Year 3 are Coders!



We have created our own apps in year 3.  We are very proud as when we compare our progress with the beginning of our learning we are really astonished at our progress.  Follow the link to play our apps.


Year 3 are learning to write instructions to make a computer do something.  We already know that when a computer does an action it is following instructions and those instructions are called CODE.  We know most adults are afraid of code!! Year 3 are not!! 



This term we begin by looking at how a button is used in coding to control how an object moves.  This week we used buttons to control the direction of a helicopter.  You can see Sean and Samantha's work by clicking the link here:



Our work from Autumn term is listed below.  We have already coded objects to move using a click action. 



Adrian and Kyshia's work is on our gallery this week.  Following the link to see their coding.




Anna and Jamie R and Brigita have been creating super bubble apps this lesson.   We learnt that app is short for application, which is a programme that can run on a tablet, phone or computer.  We used start events and click events to write these instructions.  



Year 3 used their coding skills today to create an app around the theme of a Magic Castle.  We coded start events and click events to help a wizard cast spells on the royal family.  Sean experimented with click events to create very creative escapes for the prince.  Not alone that, he taught his skills to the class.  Well done Sean.  All good coders like to share their skills.  Look in the gallery to see further good work from Jared, Mollie, Martyna and Antoni.



Year 3 used iPads this week as we were writing instructions to make an app run on an iPad or tablet.  We used logical reasoning to control an object using swipe codes.  The challenge was to control the object in four directions and also write instructions for the object to stop.  Finally, we designed a background path along which Snow White could travel.  Marta and Clara's, Dylan and Doyinsola's work is on display in the gallery this week.  How many adults could write an algorithm to solve this challenge??



Continuing to learn about input devices in our topic, this week Year 3 used key press events to control how Red Riding Hood followed the path to reach the log cabin.  Most children took the further challenge of painting the design screen.  Cara and Tommy's, Chloe and Mila's work are available to view in the gallery.  Follow the link below:



Our very own coding advisor, Sean, has learnt to open and close search tabs by means of a short cut.  Thank you for sharing with us Sean.  If you too would also like to be super quick at opening and closing tabs, follow his advice below.


Press ctrl and t to open a new tab.  Press ctrl and w to close a tab!


Merci Sean!