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Year 5

Residential Trip Information.

Welcome to Year 5!



Staff Members 


Year 5 is jam packed with exciting learning activities which take place throughout the year.

The teachers, Mrs Pomponi and Miss Lane, are always looking to challenge

pupils so they can make great leaps in their learning. 
The TAs are dedicated, supportive and excited to be part of this learning journey. 

They include: Mrs Gallagher and Mr Yost. 



Literacy homework is set on Monday and due in on Wednesday.
Numeracy homework is set on Wednesday and due in on Friday. 

Weekend homework is set on Friday.  This is typically research based and often based on RE or one of the foundation subjects.
Please ensure that all of the homework is completed for the due date and completed to a high standard.
Spellings are given out on a Friday and are  tested the following Friday.  

Some children may have their own specific spellings from their individual high frequency word lists.


Maths Key Fact Sheet

This is given to each child at the beginning of the year and provides a good foundation from which they can develop further their Numeracy skills throughout the year.   Should they lose their copy, it can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.  Children will be asked to learn different sections of the sheet throughout the year. 


Times Tables

Children are given a weekly times table test to help them to increase their speed and accuracy. Helping your child with this, is beneficial to their progress. 

Further details about how to help your child at home can be found on the Home Learning page here


We prayed in faith together during October



Year 5 joined Mrs Jones throughout October, to pray the rosary.  We often pray this prayer together for peace and in our homes and parish especially when praying in remembrance of deceased friends and family.


Religion 1 5L have been exploring 'Ourselves' in RE.
Religion 2 5L participating in pupil led Collective Worship.
Religion 3 5L Religion display for Advent.
Picture 1


Numeracy 1 Year 5 completed trial and error patterns (5P).
Numeracy 2 Year 5 completed trial and error patterns (5L).

Handel House Workshop Year 5

Year 5 Easter Play

Whole School Science Show

Science Week

Christmas Art

Handel House Visit 5L

NSPCC visit Year 5

Fire Brigade visit Year 5

Fire Brigade visit Year 5 1
Fire Brigade visit Year 5 2

Year 5 wrote letters to our friends in France.  We are expecting a return letter very soon.  We are learning French whilst the French children are learning English.  However, the French children learn have a lot more lessons than we do wink.   Despite that, we are doing very well with our French writing. 



Nous avons écrit des cartes de Noël à nos amis français.  We made and wrote cards to our friends in France.  We researched vocabulary using French dictionaries.  We are expecting cards in return.


Kahoot Challenge

Year 5 asked if they could play this game from home.  Please try this link and tell me how you get on at home.  Who will be the champion?  Let me know when you return to school in January!   


Kahoot can be played on phones, tablets, laptops and maybe even the dreaded xbox.... let me know!  It may be downloaded from the app store.  Follow this link for the game:


Additionally, you will need the pin code which is: 0197837

Noms, Noms propres et Adjectifs



Year 5 have been identifying word classes in French writing on the topic of the planets.   We have found similar word classes in French sentences and identified them successfully.  We will use our knowledge to formulate rules to help our next task which is writing extended sentences in French.  

Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds

Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds. Genoux et pieds. Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds. Genoux et pieds. J'ai deux yeux, deux oreilles, Une bouche et un nez. Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds. Chant : Kriss Musique : Julien Chauveau Texte et partition : Comptines.TV

Jacques a dit Regardez ce film!

Jacadi regardez ce film

Un court métrage humoristique prix du Public et Coup de Cœur du Jury au festival de courts métrages scolaires de l'Yonne en juin 2015


Year 5 are Coding Loops


We are continuing with coding this term learning how coders use numbers to make actions happen.  We are learning how numbers control an object moving, turning and its location on the screen.  We are applying our learning to different situations where we for example control the speed of an object, how to accelerate and decelerate that speed and how to turn an object by altering its angle.  We have found lots of mathematical concepts in our coding learning this term.  


In the Autumn term year 5 learnt that coders use loops as an efficient means of repeating a step in an algorithm.  We learnt that coders use loops to make things happen over and over and are now applying our knowledge to make a ball bounce over and over.  Check out Christian and Ethan S's work in the App Gallery.  Alec and Amarachi have also used loops to make a car drive.  They have then reset the variable to zero to make the car drive over and over and over and .............


Click the link below



This week we will use our plans to write code to make an app.  The challenge is to use loops to control how the object moves.  A variable will count  elapsed time and year 5 will use the variable to control how the object moves. Many children have planned a Christmas theme.


Logical Reasoning Games


Click the link below to find the logical reasoning games.


You will need to enable Flash player which is free to download.