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R.E. Newsletters

RE Newsletters are sent out regularly with details of the religious life of the school.  Below are the last few newsletters that were sent out. 

Wednesday Word

During Advent the school has also paid for copies of the 'Wednesday Word' to be distributed.  This is a weekly booklet containing information about Sunday's gospel, activities for you to do with your children and other ways to strengthen your faith during this important time of the year.  Please take the time to read through it with your children.  Below are further details from the Wednesday Word website.


The Wednesday Word in Brief


In the formative stage of a Christian life there are three supports: The Family, The School, The Church


The Wednesday Word is an attempt to bridge the gap between the family and the local Church Community via the School. Each week the Sunday Gospel is sent out into thousands of school family homes.


For school parents the arrival of The Wednesday Word into the family home seeks to act as a weekly reminder of the love that our Lord has for them and also of the responsibility that many accepted at Baptism, to bring their children to the knowledge and practice of the Good News that we have received in Jesus.