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Newsletter 13 is now available to view on the website. We wish all our Y6 children the very best of luck in the SATs test form Monday 9th - Thursday 12th May..

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At Our Lady of Grace we understand the importance of equipping the children with the skills they will need in an increasingly technology focused world. 


Within the Computing curriculum there is an increased focus on programming skills and all year groups include an element of coding in their curriculum.  We use Discovery Education Coding and Scratch Coding to learn the required programming and debugging skills which will help them with their problem solving abilities across all subjects.    They also learn how computers and networks (including the world wide web) work, in addition to learning how to work collaboratively with other children. 


Online Safety

Teaching children how to be safe when using the internet is an essential element of our computing curriculum. Our school leaders including our safeguarding, RHE and computing leaders have worked together to plan online safety lessons for all year groups.  These lessons are taught by class teachers and are a vital platform for discussion on current practices and how to remain safe when working, playing and communicating online.  The children are taught key safety rules using a variety of different activities that are appropriate to their age.  All children and their parents sign an acceptable internet usage policy when starting the school and at the start of each academic year.  Online safety is planned alongside our RSE curriculum.


We use a variety of software programmes to support learning.  We use Microsoft 365 including MS Teams, Microsoft  Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Creative programmes such as the J2E are used to support cross curricular work along with LGFL provided software such as Busy Things.  Our French learning is supported by subscription to the ilanguages French app while we use Tinkercad and 3D Paint to support media learning. Independent learning is encouraged and accessed from home through J2E, MyMaths, TT Rockstars.


Computing lessons are timetabled fortnightly.  They may take place in our fully equipped multipurpose Willow View where every child has their own laptop or using one of our Ipads at their desk in the classroom.  Children will often use computers in a cross curricular capacity during other lessons too. 



Planning an Algorithm to Complete a Square

Writing Algorithms to include Indefinite Loops

Celebrating Maths Day by creating Tessellations