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Newsletter 13 is now available to view on the website. We wish all our Y6 children the very best of luck in the SATs test form Monday 9th - Thursday 12th May..

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Year 4

Our Lady of Grace Junior School

Love, Opportunity, Growth



Dear Parents & Carers,

We would like to warmly welcome you to our Year 4 team. The class teachers, Mr Dwyer (4D) and Mr Barnes (4B), encourage children to display a growth mindset when facing new challenges and to try their very best in all areas of school. Mrs Mahon and Mrs Lay will assist in supporting the children in all areas of their learning while Mrs Kevane will continue to teach French, Music and Computing.  Year 4 is an exciting and challenging year and we are very enthusiastic about the year ahead. It may be useful to have some information regarding routine, expectations and home learning.



Reading is a very important part of your child’s development and is a key indicator of success later in life. In Year 4 the expectations are very high and all children should be reading every day for at least 20 minutes at home. It is important that children develop their comprehension skills as well as their ability to decode words and read fluently. Therefore it is important to ask your child questions about their reading to confirm their understanding of a text. Your child should be completing detailed entries in their reading record nightly to reflect what they have read and understood that day.


Key Facts

It is very important that children develop a quick recall of their key mathematical facts in order to carry out a range of calculations quickly and accurately. All children in Year 4 should be able to fluently recall their multiplication facts (1-12) and the related division facts with speed. Please ensure these are practised regularly. This will help them prepare for the National Multiplication Tables Check in June 2022.



The children will be set homework three times a week and this is designed to support and develop their learning in school. It essential that all homework is completed to a high standard and is handed in on time.

Spellings homework: Spellings will now be uploaded onto Microsoft teams every Monday and will be due on Friday. There are tasks for children to work on to help them prepare for the weekly spellings test on Fridays.

Maths homework:  This is set on Monday and is due on Wednesday. Children will complete an online MyMaths activity based on the Maths topic. 

English homework: This is set on Wednesday and is due on Friday. This is to be completed on Microsoft Teams.  

Weekend homework: This is set on Friday and is due in on Monday. Weekend homework usually consists of a Religion activity or a research task related to the children's Topic, Science or wider learning.



Please ensure your child wears their PE kit  in school every Wednesday and Friday including trainers.


After School Clubs

Monday - Choir

Wednesday - Computing 

Thursday - Sports and fitness

Friday - Drama


We hope that your child has a successful and enjoyable year in Year 4 and we look forward to working with you more closely,

Mr Dwyer and Mr Barnes.


Building Nests Artwork

Spring Term Week 2 Spellings

Spring Term Week 1 Spellings

Welsh Harp


Last week Year 4 braved the cold and the rain to put our Science learning into practice. Under the Living Things topic, we went to Welsh Harp where we were tasked to identify living things in the ponds. Using fishing nets, we captured creatures and identified them by using the skills we have developed in science this year! 


This was followed by a bush walk, looking for bigger animals. We were lucky to see some parakeets and even spotted a wood pigeon! To draw the learning to a close we hunted on the forest floor, under branches and logs so find and identify mini beasts in their natural habitats! 


It was a fantastic day of learning and we hope to get out on another trip soon! 


Mr Dwyer and Mr Barnes would like to thank the parents who volunteered and came along on the trip.

Spellings 12 06.12.21

Spellings week 11 30.11.21

Fun Friday Maths - measuring the perimeter of the bottom playground.

Art project for Black History Month!


This week we finished and sent our maracas home! Year 4 have been working hard on this art project for Black History month! They can now serenade you all at home with their music skills, and tell you all about African music!  


Next art project has already begun, Viking Shields for History and Geography!

Black History month maracas!

Stop Motion Animation


Last Friday year 4 got out the iPad's and put their creative skills to the test. The students were briefed to make a stop motion animation story about multiplication that we have been learning throughout the week. 


Stop motion is a filming technique where pictures are taken as objects are moved in small increments. When the pictures are put together, it makes the objects appear to be moving. To make these movies, we used an app called iMotion, it is fun and easy to use. Some of the video's have been uploaded to the Video Resource Centre on the school website.


To view click on the website: Children  >  Video Resource Centre   > Year 4 Stop Motion. 






Anti-Bullying Week in year 4!

4B Dress-up for All Saints day!

Spellings Week 11 (These are the same as last week).

Spellings year 4 Week 10 18/11/2021

Spellings week 9 08.11.21

Spellings Week 8 01.11.21

Year 4 showing racism the red card!

Spellings week 7 18.10.21


Over the past 5 weeks we have been learning new skills and techniques on how to play cricket better. It is great to see the kids engaging so well with this fantastic sport. We started off by learning how to throw and catch, then moved on to some batting sessions. This week we learned more about how the game works, with a proper match being played next week. It has been a great experience and we have been blown away with how talented our young cricketers are. We want to say a massive thank you to the coaches for helping the children.

Black History Month

This week we started our celebration of Black History Month with the children learning Capoeira. Capoeira is a martial art that was practised by the enslaved African population in Brazil to help them with their fight for freedom. This martial art is a mixture of dance and gymnastics which ties into the children’s PE topic this term. Children learnt new footwork techniques and practised these as they moved, in rhythm, to music. Children got to learn about the different instruments, such as the berimbau, that are used to create the music for Capoeira. 


In addition to this, we created some medals that all children took home. These were a recreation of Corky's medal who is a character within our class novel, Krindlekrax. 

Capoeira and medal making in Year 4

Spellings week 6 11.10.21

Spellings week 5 04.10.21

Exploring and identifying living things in Gladstone Park

Spellings week 4 27.09.21

Oil pastel artwork!


Recently,  we have started reading our class novel 'Krindlekrax'. We used oil pastels to help convey the emotions of the main character Ruskin. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and all pieces of work were excellent in showing these emotions. Below are some photos of Year 4's sketching Ruskin and the completed drawings. Well done everyone!    

Year 4 Spellings Week 3 20.09.21

Year 4 Spellings 13.09.21

Year 4 spellings - 06.09.21

Year 4 Computing


This term we are coders.  We are reminding ourselves that a coder can write an instruction to make a computer complete an action.  We begin by developing skill in our coding platform and work together to create an instruction with start events and click events.  Later we will learn that programs can respond to different sorts of inputs and that the keyboard can be used to control what happens on the screen.


We understand that coders are constantly testing their code to debug errors and therefore edit the code.  Coders are very patient learners.


Ingrid has completed this program using click events and start events.  Can you pop the balloons?  Click on the title below to try her coding. 


Can you pop the balloons?




Olivia has written code using the keyboard as an input device.  She has chosen a set of keys to control an object and developed a game .  




We have developed our coding skills by considering how to use a pointer to control how an object moves in an app.  We are constantly developing our ability to check our algorithms execute precisely.  Sometimes this is a challenge but once solved, there is invariably a chorus of "yes!".  Well done year 4.


Chrisangel is down in the deep this week.  Click here to play his app.  Remember to use your cursor to control the objects. 




Christmas came to year 4 coding this week.  Have fun!  Click here for Daniel's app.  Daniel, are you looking for my job??  Olivia's app can be accessed here.




Dari has planned an app for Fr Christmas.  She even wrote code to make the snow fall.  Click here to run her code.  Viktor made us giggle today in the French register!  This did not stop him writing super algorithms.  Thank you Viktor for laughing with us!  Click here to see Viktor's app.








Ici on Parle Français!


We are delighted to continue our excellent learning of the Summer term this Autumn.  We have a very solid base of phonic and core language learning.  We are beginning to understand the skills a linguist uses to learn.  In fact, we are learning to learn a language by using listening, repetition, questions, answers and lots of language games.  This term our focus is on colours, days and months and we begin to stretch our sentences to include colour adjectives.  We have made an excellent start.  On y va!

Revising our Greetings using Actions

Still image for this video

Year 4 are reading French noun list

Still image for this video

4D have challenged Mr Dwyer to develop a cheerleading video using French. Here is our beautiful French

Still image for this video


Year 4 are confidently using French as an answer to the register.  Sometimes we name a colour, day of the week or a month.  Today, lots of children added extra trimmings to their answer!  For example many children spoke several sentences.  Can parents understand this text we heard several times this afternoon??  The children were simply asked to name a month of the year as a register answer.   Well done children.


Bonjour.  Je m'appelle ...... Comment ça va Madame Kevane? Janvier.

French Games to Practice Colours

We are Musicians

Year 4 are learning about beat and rhythm.  We are beginning to understand how important beat is to musicians and how interesting rhythm is.  When musicians write music we count the beats in a bar and have learned this song which is written with 2 beats in a bar.

Lil' Liza Jane - a song with 2 beats in the bar.

Still image for this video

A Whole Lot of Rockin' Going on!


Thank you to Rocksteady Music for today's assembly.  We learnt about and heard (!), the instruments that make up a rock band.  We understood how an electric guitar can play in a rock style and the synthesizer can play some very unusual sounds! 

Rockin along

Still image for this video