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There will be a restricted reopening of school from 5th January due to new government guidelines. Only critical worker and vulnerable children are able to attend school, all other children will need to engage with online learning. Please see the detailed letter on the website: Parents - Letters Home - Restricted reopening of school January 2021

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Year 4

How to upload a picture of your work

Year 4 Computing

We are learning to communicate using technology.



Year 4 have been challenged this term, learning how to use new technology to communicate remotely. Initially, this learning presented a challenge but with a lot of effort we have all become experts at understanding how Office 365 works.  Now we can use this technology to communicate but additionally to save paper by not printing worksheets and homework.   Additionally, we have used this technology to support our learning of Desktop Publishing.  We created super posters to promote our Growth Mindset thinking and have begun to develop our basic skills in coding.  We will bring these skills into our initial topic of Spring term. 

Planning code for an algorithm

14th December - Spellings
7th December - Spellings

30th November 2020

23rd November - Spellings
16th November - Spellings
9th November - Spellings

2nd November 2020

19th October 2020 - Spellings

12th October 2020 Week 6 Spellings

5th October 2020 - Spellings

28th September 2020 - Spellings
21st September 2020 - Spellings
14th September - Spellings

Hello and welcome to Year 4!

We are really looking forward to working with you this year and we are sure you are going to really enjoy being in Year 4. We will send a letter home today explaining how we set homework and you can find this week's spelling underneath this message! We hope you enjoy your first week back at school!

Mrs Foley and Mr Dwyer

Our Lady of Grace Junior School

Love, Opportunity, Growth


Dear Parents & Carers,


We are here to support the children's learning at this difficult time.  Please find home learning below. 


We hope to see you very soon

Miss Mulholland and Mr Dwyer

Additional tasks

Home learning 6th July

Home learning 29th June

Home Learning 22nd June

Home Learning - 15th June

Home learning - 8th June

Summer Week 5 Learning

If you have time, why not have a go?

Use login details to access videos, complete geographical activities and take part in interactive quizzes! :)

Penalty shootout! Which team will you play for?

Summer Week 3 Outline

08 Track 8.mp3

Listen to this clip to help you complete the above English questions and activities. Jot down notes as you listen to it to help you!

Week 1 Home Learning

Home Learning Booklet Timetable Help

Our Lady of Grace Junior School

Love, Opportunity, Growth



Dear Parents & Carers,

We would like to warmly welcome you to our Year 4 team. The class teachers, Miss Mulholland (4M) and Mr Dwyer (4D), encourage children to display a growth mindset when facing new challenges and to try their very best in all areas of school. Mrs Mahon and Mrs Lay will assist in supporting the children in all areas of their learning while Mrs Kevane will continue to teach French, Music and Computing.  Year 4 is an exciting and challenging year and we are very enthusiastic about the year ahead. It may be useful to have some information regarding routine, expectations and home learning.



Reading is a very important part of your child’s development and is a key indicator of success later in life. In Year 4 the expectations are very high and all children should be reading every day for at least 20 minutes at home. It is important that children develop their comprehension skills as well as their ability to decode words and read fluently. Therefore it is important to ask your child questions about their reading to confirm their understanding of a text. Your child should be completing detailed entries in their reading record nightly to reflect what they have read and understood that day.


Key Facts

It is very important that children develop a quick recall of their key mathematical facts in order to carry out a range of calculations quickly and accurately. All children in Year 4 should be able to fluently recall their multiplication facts (1-12) and the related division facts with speed. Please ensure these are practised regularly. This will help them prepare for the National Multiplication Tables Check in June 2020.



The children will be set homework three times a week and this is designed to support and develop their learning in school. It essential that all homework is completed to a high standard and is handed in on time.

Maths homework:  this is set on Monday and is due on Wednesday. Children will complete an online MyMaths activity based on the Maths topic. They must also complete corrections from their weekly Times Tables test which will then be signed by an adult at home.

English homework: this is set on Wednesday and is due on Friday. English homework consists of a reading comprehension or grammar activity, and a spelling activity. Spellings ere given every Monday to be practised throughout the week for a test on Friday.

Weekend homework: this is set on Friday and is due in on Monday. Weekend homework usually consists of a Religion activity or a research task related to the children's Topic, Science or wider learning.



Please ensure your child has their PE kit  in school every day including trainers.

We hope that your child has a successful and enjoyable year in Year 4 and we look forward to working with you more closely,

Miss Mulholland and Mr Dwyer.


3,2,1 FREEZE

Bishop John Sherrington visits Year 4

Learning through games

Investigation Time

Year 4 have written to Father Christmas.


Using greetings and salutations and indeed manners, year 4 have used extended French sentences to inform Father Christmas of their wishes!  

Year 4 Computing


This Spring term we are coders.  We are learning to use sequence code to create simple animations and to simulate a traffic light sequence.  We understand that coders are constantly testing their code to debug errors and therefore edit the code.  Coders are very patient learners.


At the end of our Autumn term we display our learning below.  With super effort we have learned many new skills.  We applied all those skills to assemble a multimedia poster.  Next term we will apply those skills to create topic pages for Habitats Topic.   






Habitat Topic Pages

Multimedia Topic


Year 4 have used several types of media to make a poster about growth mindset.  We have used text, but not just any text.  We have enlarged, coloured, italicised text to ensure the best effect.  Following that, we have added relevant images which have been resized and framed.  Some images have been replicated to create a border effect.  We have added photos and sound to enhance the message.  Lastly, we embedded a motivational video to reinforce our message - Learning can be tough but the best learners do not give up -  If it is not tough, then we probably have grasped the learning!

Computer Club will be expert typists at the end of this term!


We will start by timing our typing.  Use the link below:


We will use the BBC dance mat to begin learning.  Remember to sit up tall.  Try not to look at your fingers.


Computer Club 

Today the computer club created art using a very exciting app called Thisissand.  Look below to see the outcome.  We should be proud of the beautiful work we created. 

Ici on Parle Français!


Year 4 are using a French text Je Suis Trop Gros this Spring term.  Developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in a new language is a challenge.  Year 4 have demonstrated their excellent attitude to learning in French using whole class listening, partner work and challenge work to make progress.  We are beginning to understand how gender of nouns affect spelling of adjectives.  Our examples are displayed below.  Our next step in learning is to use this knowledge to develop a simple description of our friends.    Bon effort Year 4!

Year 4 are planning to write our own version of a story.  Look at our plans below.  

French Sentence Structure


Compare the sentence structure in French to other languages we speak.  We are waiting for a Catalan speaker to complete the list!!  In French the adjective is mostly placed after the noun.  This is the opposite to in English.  What happens in your language?

French Games to Practice Colours

La Reine des Neiges - Je voudrais un bonhomme de neige

Envie de chanter entre amis ? Voici les paroles ! Learn to sing in French. Listen and copy!

Les Trois Petits Cochons - raconté par Capital Koala

Les Trois Petits Cochons racontés et enregistrés par l'équipe de Capital Koala:

Our Musical Learning in Year 4


Do you recognise these people?  Year 4 do.  Year 4 have homework this week.  They should say the names John, Paul, George and Ringo to their adults and .... wait for the reaction.  Who passed the test I wonder?


Our second song in this unit is so popular we might just change it to be our focus song.  Year 4 listened to and described what they heard using our focus terms beat, tempo, dynamics. We heard unusual sounds in addition to what you might expect.  We are gathering a list of features of this band's music.