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Update 27th March 2020: A special 'Rainbow Message' has been posted for our brilliant children under: Children - Video Resource Centre, have a look and enjoy! School is now closed until further notice. We are providing emergency childcare for children of key workers where absolutely no other provision is available to them. The school app and school website will continue to be used to communicate with families during this closure. Please stay safe and follow the government guidelines as tightly and carefully as you are able!

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Staying Safe Online

OLOG Digital Leaders


Please meet our digital leaders who successfully applied to challenge themselves digitally and at the same time offered to use their free time to become leaders in technology and e-safety.  Follow their blogs on the school blog page.  


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Top Tips For Using Online Technology


1.    If you couldn't say what you write to a parent or a teacher, then it is probably not appropriate.


2.   If you wouldn't share a picture or photo with a parent or a teacher, then it is probably not appropriate.


3.   Once you share something .... you cannot get it back.  


Are You SMART Online?


Prudish Victorians - Don't Lie About Your Age