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Parents and Carers

How we work in partnership with our families? 

Our Lady of Grace Junior School actively promotes partnerships with families to foster a collaborative and supportive educational environment. We recognise the importance of involving parents and carers in their child’s education and value their role as primary educators.

We have regular communication channels to inform our parents about their child’s progress, school activities and upcoming events. This can include newsletters, emails and parent-teacher consultations.
We also embrace online technology such as this website, the school app and online platforms such as X, previously Twitter, (OLOGJuniors@OLOGTWEETS) where parents can access information and resources.

Additionally, the school encourages parental involvement in school activities and events by inviting parents to volunteer in various capacities, such as assisting on school trips, organising fundraisers or participating in school committees. This involvement allows parents to actively contribute to the school community and build relationships with teachers, staff and other parents.

We also provide opportunities for parents to engage in their own spiritual growth and development. This can include offering parent-focused prayer sessions. By nurturing the spiritual well-being of parents, we aim to strengthen the partnership between home and school in promoting shared values and religious teachings.

Furthermore, we regularly seek input and feedback from parents through surveys, parent drop-ins or advisory committees. This collaborative approach ensures parents have a voice in shaping school policies, programmes and decision-making processes.

We actively promote partnerships with parents by fostering open communication, encouraging involvement, providing spiritual support and seeking their input. These partnerships are essential in creating a supportive and enriching educational experience for pupils.

Activities for your child to enjoy at home:

Praying as a family:


Here at Our Lady of Grace Junior School, we believe parents are their children’s first and most important educators. 

We aim to support families to bring their children up in our Catholic faith. 


Praying with your child: 


Five Simple Ways to Pray as a Family (in addition to the essentials: Mass, Scripture reading, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Rosary, Penance and Reconciliation, etc.)


Pray at meal time: Make the sign of the Cross and ask your children to simply say, “Thank you, Jesus.” Or, you may say the “Bless us O Lord…” prayer, or whatever other words of thanks to God may be on your heart! These are great reminders for the whole family, about where all good things ultimately come from.


Bless each other: Encourage your child to bless themselves and to trace the sign of the cross on your forehead and you can return the favour too. 


Wonder at Creation: Help your children to recognise and adore the glory of God in all things: in the park; the night sky; the everyday; etc. The awe experienced through His creation can point the family toward God and help to appreciate His power, goodness, and love.


Say sorry: When you or your children find yourselves in a situation that requires an apology as remedy, be sure to apologise to God, as well. This will help the family remember its duty to live well in relation to both God and neighbour.


Pray through joys and sorrows: Families can pray together in thanksgiving for a good day and for God’s help in difficult times. Praying through both good and bad reminds the family of God’s presence and that he answers all prayers as He sees fit.



Prayer Bag: Selection of items you may find in a prayer bag. These travel between home and school in different liturgical seasons so families can pray together.