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Well done to our year six boys' football team - Brent League Champions 2019 - FOOTBALL CAME HOME TO OLOG TODAY - Thank you Mr Yost and Miss Mulholland

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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Staff Members 


Year 5 is jam packed with exciting learning activities which take place throughout the year.

The teachers, Mrs Pomponi and Miss Nelson, are always looking to challenge

pupils so they can make great leaps in their learning. 
The TAs are dedicated, supportive and excited to be part of this learning journey. 

They include: Mrs Gallagher and Mrs Mahon. 



Numeracy homework is set on Monday (both in the book and online) and due in on Wednesday.
Literacy homework is set on Wednesday and due in on Friday. 

Weekend homework is set on Friday.  This is typically research based and often based on RE or one of the foundation subjects.
Please ensure that all of the homework is completed for the due date and completed to a high standard.

Spellings are given out on a Friday and are tested the following Friday.  

Some children may have their own specific spellings from their individual high frequency word lists.


Maths Key Fact Sheet

This is given to each child at the beginning of the year and provides a good foundation from which they can develop further their Numeracy skills throughout the year.   Should they lose their copy, it can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.  Children will be asked to learn different sections of the sheet throughout the year. 


Times Tables

Children are given a weekly times table test to help them to increase their speed and accuracy. Helping your child with this, is beneficial to their progress. 

Further details about how to help your child at home can be found on the Home Learning page here



10th June 2019


The students in Year 5 this afternoon were lucky enough to have been paid a visit by St Gregory's Highschool today. They were taught a terrific science lesson by the Head of Science, Mr Knight. He taught them about craters on the moon and how they are created. The students then conducted an experiment where they were dropping marbles from varied distances and then measuring the diameter of the crater. The students then discussed theories, hypotheses, fair testing, independent, dependent and controlled variables and even how to evaluate their results.  The students were highly engaged and enjoyed discovering more about outer space!

Amazing Love - Easter Performance Songs

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Shackleton's Journey


In the first week of the new summer term, Year 5 completed their unit on 'Shackleton's Journey'.  Earlier, in the second part of the spring term, the children had explored and uncovered the mysteries of his epic adventure to the South Pole.  Although his expedition did not meet its objective to cross the whole of the Antarctic continent, he and his 26 crew members demonstrated courage, determination and an overwhelming desire to conquer one of the most treacherous parts of the world.  The pupils have created a stunning display. 




Picture 1
Picture 2

Handel and Hendrix House

3rd and 4th of December 2018


During the Autumn term, Year 5 have been studying the Victorian Era, they have learnt about many famous and incredible literary authors and musicians. One of those musicians was George Frederick Handel, born in Germany 1683, he became one of England's greatest composers of the Victorian Era! Some of greatest pieces include 'Water Music' which was composed after King George I requested music to be played on the River Thames barges. In 1742 Handel composed the enormously successful ‘Messiah’. ‘Music For the Royal Fireworks’ was composed at the request of George II to celebrate the end of the War of The Austrian Succession in 1748. The students got to explore the artists home and what it would have looked like during the time he lived there. They also got to experience what types of clothing would have been worn during those times and compose their very own song! Here are some snapshots of the great day!




Numeracy 1 Year 5 completed trial and error patterns (5P).
Numeracy 2 Year 5 completed trial and error patterns (5N).

Victorian Day

14th of December 2018

Today the Year 5 students got a small taste of what life was like for children their age, going to school in the Victorian Era. They had to follow very specific rules, recite a poem on command and address their teachers as 'Madam'. If they answered incorrectly or spoke when they were not spoken to, they were forced to wear the dunces hat! Here are some of the photos of the day!


Que portes-tu?


Year 5 have written about what they wear when they play their favorite sports.  There is quite a challenge in describing things in French as unlike English there can be four spellings of each adjective.  Year 5 are grasping securely the concept of gender of nouns and number of nouns and are becoming conscious of carefully considering the correct adjective.  Amazingly, despite knowing rules to cope with adjectival agreement, there are some adjectives which do not follow a rule.  One or two children have used these - invariable - adjectives in their learning.  Well done year 5. Bon Effort!

French Opinion Minibooks

Les Jours de la Semaine


Year 5 are trying to use song to hook vocabulary into our long term memory.   We think it is working.  If you hear someone singing this song in your house this weekend, ask them to explain!

Les jours de la semaine - alain le lait (French days of the week)

Les jours de la semaine ©2011 alain le lait Lundi, mardi, mercredi Jeudi, vendredi Samedi, dimanche Il y a sept jours Dans la semaine Il y a sept jours