Out Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School

Spring term ends on Thursday 1st April and collection time for all children will be 1.45pm. Newsletter 13 now available on the school website. Summer term will begin on Monday 19th April. Please remember that all parents/carers need to wear a face covering when accessing the school. A 2m distance should be kept between adults at all times possible.

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Year 5

Year 5 Computing

We are learning to communicate using technology.



Year 5 have been challenged this term, learning how to use new technology to communicate remotely. Initially, this learning presented a challenge but with a lot of effort we have all become experts at understanding how Office 365 works.  Now we can use this technology to communicate but additionally to save paper by not printing worksheets and homework.   Additionally, we have begun to develop our basic skills in making vectors.  We will bring these skills into our initial topic of Spring term. 

Mindfulness and PSHE


Maths Key Facts Sheet

Practice French here.  Click on the picture.

Learning from our last academic year is shown below.  Soon, your learning will feature here.


Que portes-tu?


Year 5 have written about what they wear when they play their favorite sports.  There is quite a challenge in describing things in French as unlike English there can be four spellings of each adjective.  Year 5 are grasping securely the concept of gender of nouns and number of nouns and are becoming conscious of carefully considering the correct adjective.  Amazingly, despite knowing rules to cope with adjectival agreement, there are some adjectives which do not follow a rule.  One or two children have used these - invariable - adjectives in their learning.  Well done year 5. Bon Effort!

French Opinion Minibooks

Les Jours de la Semaine


Year 5 are trying to use song to hook vocabulary into our long term memory.   We think it is working.  If you hear someone singing this song in your house this weekend, ask them to explain!

Les jours de la semaine - alain le lait (French days of the week)

Les jours de la semaine ©2011 alain le lait Lundi, mardi, mercredi Jeudi, vendredi Samedi, dimanche Il y a sept jours Dans la semaine Il y a sept jours