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World Faiths

Dialogue and Encounter


Here at OLOG Juniors, we are a Catholic school and the majority of our RE curriculum time is focused on developing the knowledge and understanding of our faith and how we can live out its teachings in a way that is inspired by Jesus Christ, our Saviour.


We recognise that we live in a multi-cultural and multi-faith world and we wish to unite with our neighbours who follow different faiths and no faith, thus understanding and respecting their journey. We encounter these faiths as a discrete study. 


The order that pupils learn about world faiths is directed by Pope St Paul VI in his encyclical, Ecclesiam Suam, which centres our understanding of our own Catholic faith as the core and initially moves to the Abrahamic faiths, then Dharmic faiths and other traditions. 

We have close dialogue with our Christian brothers and sisters as we seek to build links with other Christians first. 


We also spend time every year learning about three world faiths: Judaism- which is the root of our faith and subsequently, of particular importance to us, Islam and Hinduism. By the time pupils have left OLOG Juniors and Infants, they will have visited two synagogues (Reform and Orthodox), a local mosque and The Neasden Temple. 

Islam Week


As part of Islam Week, Year 5 and Year 6 visited The Mosque of Central Brent. We learnt all about the Islamic Faith, including traditions, types of prayer and worship, and the history of the faith. This was a fantastic start to Islam Week, giving us a good foundational knowledge and allowing us to explore the Mosque.

Year 6 visit The Willesden Mosque

Judaism Week


Ruth Jampel from

came to visit our school and host workshops to complement our curriculum study. We all enjoyed looking at the artefacts and learning from her experience as living as Jewish person. 

Religious Education for World Faiths: Examples of the curriculum.