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Support for Parents/Carers

Families come in all shapes and sizes but one thing that is universal is that being a parent can be tough!

As a school, we are always here to support you.   Below, you will find lots of links to help you with common issues and the website at the bottom has even more.   


If you are struggling (whether it be financially or in another way), please feel free to speak in confidence to me to see how we may be able to help.


Remember there is also lots of useful information about keeping your child safe online on this page of our website:


Mrs Hart

Inclusion Leader



This half term, St Raphael's family centre (on the St Raphael's estate) are offering a number of activities including multi sports for families from Brent.  You will need to register to join the wellbeing centre via this link. 

St Raphael's Family Wellbeing Centre | Brent Council


All the information about the various activities throughout the week (including a Jubilee Party) can be found in the above documents.





Art Therapy for Parents/Carers

The Brent Parents/Carers Forum have arranged an art therapy session for parents/carers on Mon 16th May at Chalkhill Community Centre from 10.30am-11.30am.  Art therapy helps in accessing thoughts, feelings and memories in a safe and gentle way and the session will give you the chance to have an informal chit chat with the therapist and/or meet other parents in a supportive environment.

Full details about how to book are in the document above.

April 2022


If you are concerned about your child's weight, the Brent Nursing Team are offering workshops to parents of children who are overweight.  They can work with you and your child to provide education about healthy eating and general nutrition in a fun and engaging way.
See the letter above for details of how to get involved.

February 2022


Brent are running some helpful online workshops for parents in February.  They include workshops on how to develop a good bedtime routine, how to deal with aggressive behaviour and how to shop with young children to avoid the meltdowns.


Flyers for all three can be found below and it is easy to sign up for them.



What to do when mealtimes are becoming a battle field

Place2Be: Parenting Smart: Our mealtimes are turning into a battleground


What to do when your child is really anxious


How to help your child when someone dies


How to use praise and rewards  effectively


How to talk to your child about race and diversity


Supporting Healthy Gaming Habits


What to do when your child thinks they need to be perfect


How to support your child if they have friendship issues