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Newsletter 9 is now available for parents/carers to read.

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R.E. News

Congratulations to our newly elected Mini Vinnies

3E- Rylan and Anna T, 3F - Sofia and Gabriella, 4M- Viktoria and Raphaella, 4B -Ethan and Isla, 5M – Isla and Olivia M, 5K - Oliver and Mia C, 6I – Joseph and Damara, 6M- Kayleigh and Lauren. 

Ashford Place:

Just before the Christmas holidays, the Mini Vinnies help to spread Christmas cheer in the local community. We visited Ashford Place and met some of the residents. The Mini Vinnies enjoyed taking a closer look at the amazing work that the volunteers at Ashford Place do for  the local community. They even made Christmas cards for those who may feel lonely during the Christmas period.

Ashford Place

Our House Team Saints


In our school, all of the children are part of a house team which are named after different saints: St Mary, St Bernadette, St Cecilia, St Martin De Porres and St Andrew. Our Year 6 children have created beautiful portraits of these special saints using different artistic mediums to create a fantastic display for the front entrance of the school. Well done Year 6 for these beautiful pieces of art!

Racial Justice Sunday - 2023


Sunday 5th February was Racial Justice Sunday and the theme was ‘All are included in the mission of Christ and his Church. Let us walk together, pray together and work together.'’ Racial Justice Sunday is a day dedicated to reminding us that we are all equal and were all made in God's image. However, it is important to remember that Racial Justice Sunday does not just last for one day, similarly to Advent, when we are waiting for the coming of Jesus, we are always searching for ways to report any racial/social injustices we encounter and ensure everyone feels accounted for and part of our community.


This week, pupils have learnt more about the importance of treating one another as brothers and sisters and to follow in Jesus' footsteps, treating others with dignity and love, as he told us to.


Pupils have been working hard this week to create reflective videos, informing others about the importance of racial justice, within our school, in our wider community and around the world. Some of their fantastic work will be shared below later this week.


A prayer from the Diocese of Westminster:

God of our past, present and future, 
you created each one of us in your image and likeness,
help us to recognise you in each person.

As we pray for end to suffering caused by racism
lead us this day to walk with one another,
pray with one another and work together,
so that we create a future based on justice and healing,
where all can fulfil the hope you have for all peoples. 

We ask this through Christ our Lord.





Children’s Mental Health Week 2023 – Let’s Connect:

This year, the theme for Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Let’s Connect’. This week, pupils learnt all about the importance of connecting with others and themselves, taking time to understand and reflect on changing emotions. Each class created a ‘Wellness Tree together, decorating leaves which represented them, including something they liked about themselves or were proud of themselves for. Following this, each class explored the zones of regulation, how to recognise which zone they are in and ways of regulating these emotions.

Catholic Children's Society - Lenten Appeal 2023


Building Bridges:

This year's appeal is inspired by Pope Francis's call to 'build bridges, not walls' and find ways to connect and help others in their time of need.


This Lent CCS is asking schools to take up Pope Francis’ challenge and help and build bridges with local disadvantaged children and families in their time of need.

Pupils will be given Lenten Appeal collection boxes to collect spare change in order to raise money for the CCS. We hope you will be able to support us - every penny counts!


There are also some resources and links provided by the Diocese of Westminster which families can interact with at home in preparation for Easter.


Ash Wednesday 2023


This year, Ash Wednesday will be observed in the Church on Wednesday 22nd February to mark the beginning of Lent. The children will lead an Ash Wednesday Liturgy in the hall to observe this important day in the churches calendar. The Diocese have provided readings and prayers that can be shared and enjoyed at home as a family. We hope you have the chance to engage with this to start this time of preparation for the celebration of Easter.

The Beatitudes

Each fortnight, the Diocese are concentrating on a beatitude which links to the liturgical year. Please see below for the resources they have created so far which could provide times of reflection to be completed during this time of school closure.

RE Resources
Home Activities

Month of May Rosary Club

November: The Month of the Holy Souls

As November is a month of remembrance, children were given the opportunity to write their intentions which have been added to a prayer book, presented in the front office. The book provides a safe space for children to write their reflections and intentions.

On Wednesday 26th May, we celebrated our annual Our Lady of Grace Day. We celebrated this special day with a liturgy in the hall where the children listened to hymns, readings and prayers. In the afternoon, the children participated in Art activities around Our Lady and Rosary Club had their final meeting of the month. All of the children and staff had a fantastic day!


All Saints Day OLOG Winner

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