Out Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School

Newsletter 15 is now available for parents/carers to read. Our Ofsted report has now been published and we are delighted to report that we have maintained our 'Outstanding' grade in every area! Huge thanks to our whole school community. Please read the report in: Parents - Letters Home.

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Our School Governors

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School is a Voluntary Aided school and its Governing Body consists of both appointed and elected governors.

Foundation Governors
Foundation governors at the school represent the interests of the Diocese of Westminster who are trustees of the school. The role of the foundation governor is to ensure that the school is clearly recognisable as Christian in its ethos and that its role is seen in the provision for Catholic children of the Diocese.

Parent Governors
Parents of pupils registered at the school are eligible to stand for election as a parent governor. They are elected by other parents at the school. The school has one elected parent governor.

Staff Governors
The Headteacher is automatically eligible to be a full member of the Governing Body by virtue of the office.  The staff governor is elected by other members of the staff at the school. 

Local Authority Governors
Local Authority governors are appointed by Brent. There is currently a vacancy for a Local Authority governor at the school.


There are no relationships (either financial or personal) between any of the governors and members of the school staff.

Governors generally hold their office for a period of four years at a time. During this time they have the opportunity to attend training courses and workshops on a comprehensive range of topics provided by the Local Authority and the Archdiocese, and receive updates on salient issues from a variety of sources.

Governors provide guidance and support. The role of a governor is that of a 'critical friend', who is there to give direction and focus to the school leadership. The management of the school is the responsibility of the headteacher.

Meetings of the full Governing Body are usually held once a term throughout the school year. Topics covered in meetings may include planning the school's long term vision through the School Improvement Plan, target setting and monitoring, and the school budget. Much of the work, however, is devolved to a series of committees to ensure the workload is dealt with effectively.

The Governing Body is answerable to parents and the wider community.

Correspondence for the Governors may be addressed to the Clerk to the Governing Body at the school.