Out Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School

Update 27th March 2020: A special 'Rainbow Message' has been posted for our brilliant children under: Children - Video Resource Centre, have a look and enjoy! School is now closed until further notice. We are providing emergency childcare for children of key workers where absolutely no other provision is available to them. The school app and school website will continue to be used to communicate with families during this closure. Please stay safe and follow the government guidelines as tightly and carefully as you are able!

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Our parish of St Mary and St Andrew


All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place.

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Our Lady of Grace is situated in the Parish of St Andrew and St Mary on Dollis Hill Lane, where Father Michael O'Doherty is our parish priest.  The school has very close links with the parish, all year groups attend mass regularly at the church.  The Year 3 children at our school take part in the First Holy Communion programme which is run by the parish and Father Michael is very involved with the school, making regular visits to assemblies and events.

Full details about the parish can be found by clicking on the link below.
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The Guild of St Stephen


Cvi Servire Regnare Est


Children in year four and upwards should consider joining the guild once they have celebrated their First Holy Communion. Many children in our school enjoy serving at Mass each Sunday and at special occasions throughout the year. Once you have completed your first year of service you will be welcomed into the guild and receive the guild badge shown below. 




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