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Update 27th March 2020: A special 'Rainbow Message' has been posted for our brilliant children under: Children - Video Resource Centre, have a look and enjoy! School is now closed until further notice. We are providing emergency childcare for children of key workers where absolutely no other provision is available to them. The school app and school website will continue to be used to communicate with families during this closure. Please stay safe and follow the government guidelines as tightly and carefully as you are able!

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Year 6



Our Lady of Grace Junior School

Love, Opportunity, Growth


Dear Parents & Carers,


We are here to support the children's learning at this difficult time.  Please find below links to home learning which have been discussed with the children. 


We hope to see you very soon

Year 6 team

Home Learning - Easter Holiday Tasks - 3rd April- 20th April


Hello 6A and 6M, we hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well. Please read our Easter Holiday letter below to find out about some fun and special Easter tasks The resources you will need are all saved here too under this. 



Home Learning - Week 2 Monday 30th March


Hello 6A and 6M, 


Happy Monday! We hope that you had a successful and enjoyable first week of home learning. We know that it can be a little more challenging working from home so it is important that you try your best to keep a routine and have a go at all of the different activities! 


We would also like to say a special thank you for the amazing rainbow video that you have sent us back! It has really made our week and it was fantastic to see all of your smiling faces! 


Here are some more tasks for learning tasks for this week:


Maths: Your MyMaths tasks this week cover a variety of different revision topics. A reminder that there are 5 different activities and you should aim to complete 1 every day. Please have a go at all of them. This week we will be focusing on Negative Numbers again as it seemed to throw up some confusion last week, recapping how to calculate area, how we identify and estimate angles, reading line graphs and finding the percentage of an amount. 


Using the White Rose Maths Website, Week 2 of your learning will focus on how to calculate the Scale Factor of shapes once they have been enlarged. It will then move on to recap the skills that you learned last week when working with ratio and proportion in word problems. Lesson 3 is looking at measuring with a protractor, if you do not have a protractor at home to be able to answer question 3 do not worry! Estimate these angles the best that you can, using all of your knowledge of angles, we will measure them accurately when we get back to school! Lessons 4 and 5 look at calculating missing angles and how angles are used in daily life. Make sure that you have a go at answering every question and try your best!


Just like last week, it might be a good idea to complete one lesson, one MyMaths activity each day of the week. You can then supplement any additional time in the hour that you allocate to your hour of Maths learning a day with work from the learning pack, online learning or from the CGP books that you took home!


English: For this week's English task we will continue to study extracts from Harry Potter. We will be looking at formal writing, active and passive voice and then some overall grammar revision, with a Harry Potter theme. We will also be introduced to the character of Dolores Umbridge ​and you will get to create a character description of her based on what you can infer from the text. Finally there will be some reading comprehensions to sharpen your reading skills!


This week's tasks are found in Year 6, Week 2 - Days 6 -10.


Please also remember to continue to learn your Year 5/6 Spellings. The list can be found at


And finally, remember to keep reading and filling in your Reading Records!


RE: This week's RE will look at the Dowry of Mary. There is a Powerpoint Presentation for you to watch which will explain and signify the importance of Mary in Jesus's role and why we should show devotion to her by praying to her and putting flowers around her shrines. For your activities can you complete the Fact File about Mary our Mother and write a special prayer of dedication to her. Don't forget to decorate these! 


Extra: Mary is also particularly important to us at Our Lady of Grace Junior School as we are named after her and celebrate Our Lady's Day every year. Could you think of a number of ways as to how we could celebrate the Dowry of Mary at our school as a school community?


Please also look at 'Our Catholic Identity - RE News' on the school website for ideas of other RE activities you might like to complete at home


Science: Following on from last week's introduction to Light and Dark in Science, we have included some activities and questions about Light and how it travels and an experiment that you can conduct with a cardboard box or tube. 


If you come across some vocabulary that you are not sure of, can you write down a definition? This will help you later in the topic.


Extra: When it is sunny outside, could you find some of your favorite objects (this could be anything that you have at home) and line them up so that they create shadows on the ground? If you put some paper underneath these objects will the shadows reflect onto the paper?


Could you use these objects and these shadows to make shadow art? How colourful can you make it? Could you display it somewhere to brighten up somebody else's day?


Do not forget that there are some great links on BBC Bitesize KS2 which have helpful and informative links. 


If you haven't finished working through the pack from last week this is also always something that you can continue to do to help support your science work!


Topic: This week we will be continuing on with our study of World War II. Your task this week is to create a timeline of the key events from the war. You can use your knowledge organiser to help (found in last week's resources), conduct your own independent research using Kiddle (make sure you follow E-Safety rules) and the BBC Bitesize website. We have included an example for you to look at as well as a powerpoint with useful information.​ Please remember to create your timeline in chronological order.


PE: As we said last week is also really important to keep active and take regular breaks between your different work activities. Below are some links which you can use to help you move your body at home.


The Body Coach is also leading a Live Workout every morning at 9 am which is a great way to start your day and help you feel awake and invigorated! The Body Coach has announced that he is donating all the money that he raises with these sessions to the NHS so not only will you be keeping yourself fit and healthy you will also be helping to raise money for the people who are doing an amazing job at looking after us all!


Mindfulness: It is also incredibly important that you take time out of your day to relax. A great way to do this might be to read and to take some quiet time for yourself!


Please use the link below to find even more ideas to help you feel calm. They include using music, arts and crafts, some PE games and some morning and evening meditations.


We hope that you find this all challenging and useful.


If you have any questions we will be able to answer any questions on the blogs. We will aim to get back to everyone by 12 pm or if you post after this then we will get back to you the next day! We would love to hear from you so keep in touch and keep us updated, even if it is just to let us know how you are doing! 


Keep safe, be good, keep smiling and we will see you soon! 


Miss Ardill and Miss McManamon


Science Resources

Home Learning - Week 1 Tuesday 24th March


Hello 6A and 6M,


We hope you all had a lovely weekend, have been keeping well at home and are not missing school too much!


Alongside the learning packs that we sent home last week, we would like to offer you some more opportunities for Home Learning. Please check this page every Monday as there will be new activities added each week.


Here are this week's home learning tasks and resources:


Maths: On your MyMaths (which you all should have received your log in's for) there are 5 different activities for the week which look at a variety of skills: addition and subtraction, mixed operations, finding fractions, negative numbers and units of mass. All of these topics are revision and recap so you should be able to apply your learning from some of our recent lessons! They have been set from Monday 23rd March and will close on Friday 27th. 


On this website below you will also find five lessons looking at what ratio is, how we express a ratio in Maths, how ratio and fractions work together, calculating ratio and using scale factors. Each lesson starts with a short online video to explain and there is a downloadable activity sheet for you then to complete to ensure that you have understood these different parts of ratio!


It might be a good idea to complete one lesson and one of the My Maths activities each day of the week. You can then supplement any additional time in the hour that you allocate to your hour of Maths learning a day with work from the learning packs, online learning from the links included in our letter or by using CGP books that you took home. 



English: As part of our learning for English this week we are going to be looking at comprehension, writing and grammar activities based on the wonderful book "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."  There are 5 different lessons and activities to complete this week. Don't worry, you don't need to have read the book first - extracts are included! Follow the link below and enjoy all the different activities which are linked to this book which we know so many of you love.


RE: As Wednesday 25th March 2020 marks the Feast of the Annunciation there are some activities for you to complete to celebrate Angel Gabriel announcing the coming of Baby Jesus to Mary. 


Please find the link to this activity at the bottom of the page. 


Extra Activity: Alongside this activity could you re-write the Hail Mary using today's language explaining the meaning behind the prayer so that it would be easy for a younger child to understand?


Science: Our new Science topic is 'Light and Dark.' Before you begin any research on this topic can you think of all of the different sources that the light in our world comes from? What do we use them for and why are they important? Can you write them all down?


Can you write a definition of what Light is? Use the link below to help you once you have had a go on your own!


A ten-year-old from Amersham asked the question: Can anything travel faster than light?

An expert from Jodrell Bank Observatory answered this question on Newsround, have a look at the video below.

Can you make a poster about all the amazing facts and information that you were given in this video?


Extra Activity:  As part of our celebration of British Science Week this pack includes activities and fun experiments that you can conduct at home! You can work your way through this pack completing different experiments throughout the week and writing about your findings. Be careful with the experiments which include hot water and always ask an adult at home for help if you are unsure.

You can also always use BBC Bitesize KS2 for helpful and informative clips



History/Geography/Art Topic: 1. Download your Knowledge Organiser for our new Topic: World War II. Study it to find the answers to the accompanying questions.


2. Watch the WWII video linked from the BBC. Imagine you are an evacuee. Use your knowledge of our Reading Challenge Book "WW2 Evacuee" or conduct your own independent research. Write a postcard home to your family explaining about your host family and what your new life is like.



PE: It is also really important to keep active and take regular breaks between your different work activities. Below are some links which you can use to help you move your body at home.


The Body Coach is also leading a Live Workout every morning at 9 am which is a great way to start your day and help you feel awake and invigorated!


Mindfulness: It is also incredibly important that you take time out of your day to relax. A great way to do this might be to read and to take some quiet time for yourself!


Please use the link below to find even more ideas to help you feel calm. They include using music, arts and crafts, some PE games and some morning and evening meditations.


We hope that you find all of this useful and challenging. 


Keep safe, be good and we will see you soon! 


Miss McManamon and Miss Ardill 







English Week 1

RE Annunciation Activity



Dear Parents & Carers,

We would like to warmly welcome you to our Year 6 team. Our team include Miss McManamon and Miss Ardill , who are the two class teachers. Mrs Walsh and Mrs Dwyer will assist in supporting the children in all areas of their learning while Mrs Kevane will continue to teach French, Music and Computing.  Year 6 is an exciting and challenging year and we are very enthusiastic about the year ahead. It may be useful to have some information regarding routine, expectations and home learning.



Reading is a very important part of your child’s development and is a key indicator of success later in life. In Year Six the expectations are very high and all children should be reading every day for at least 20 minutes at home. It is important that children develop their comprehension skills as well as their ability to decode words and read fluently. Therefore it is important to ask your child questions about their reading to confirm their understanding of a text. Your child should be completing detailed entries in their reading record nightly to reflect what they have read and understood that day. This will further help them to prepare for the Key Stage 2 National Reading Test in May 2020.


Key Facts

It is very important that children develop a quick recall of their key mathematical facts in order to carry out a range of calculations quickly and accurately. All children in Year 6 should be able to fluently recall their multiplication facts (1-12) and the related division facts with speed. Please ensure these are practised regularly.



The children will be set homework three times a week and this is designed to support and develop their learning in school. It essential that all homework is completed to a high standard and is handed in on time.

English homework:  this is set on Monday and is due on Wednesday. English homework consists of a reading comprehension activity and a grammar, punctuation and spelling activity. 

Maths homework: this is set on Wednesday and is due on Friday. Maths homework consists of a online MyMaths activity and a worksheet based on the weekly Maths topic.


Weekend homework: this is set on Friday and is due in on Monday. Weekend homework usually consists of a reading activity or a research task related to the children's Topic, Science or wider learning.


We hope that your child has a successful and enjoyable year in Year 6 and we look forward to working with you more closely,

Miss McManamon and Miss Ardill.


Year 6 Home Learning, March 2020

Maths Key Facts Sheet


PE will take place every week on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon and every second week on a Friday with All For Sports. Please ensure the correct PE kits are in school for these sessions. 


It is essential to know how to keep safe while using online resources.  Please see the attached simple advice about chatting online and sharing information online.  The link below will take you to the Thinkuknow site where there is further very useful advice.