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Newsletter 13 is now available to view on the website. We wish all our Y6 children the very best of luck in the SATs test form Monday 9th - Thursday 12th May..

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Year 6

6I enjoying the skipping workshop!

Skipping Workshop!

Year 6 just loved Circus Skills!

World Book Day in 6I!

6I's Circus Skills!

World Book Day Celebrations in Year 6!

We loved the Natural History Museum!

6I showing off their odd socks for Anti-Bullying week!

We wanted to Share Our Anti Bullying Poem ‘To Lift Each Other’ By Wes Fessler

Still image for this video

6S celebrate Anti-Bullying Week with our odd socks!

Thank you to Rocksteady Music for today's assembly.  We learnt about and heard (!), the instruments that make up a rock band.  We understood how an electric guitar can play in a rock style and the synthesizer can play some very unusual sounds! 

Rockin' Along

Still image for this video

Remembrance DT Project

Look at our fantastic costumes for All Saint's Day!

6I are giving racism the red card!

6S are giving racism the red card!

All packed and ready for our final activity! We can’t wait to see you all later!

We are officially survival day experts!

Survival Day is in full swing! 5* Star Shelters being built all round!

Year 6 have taken on the Trim Trail and succeeded!

Year 6 have loved completing the obstacle course blindfolded, they have worked brilliantly in pairs!

6I enjoyed their walk Rotherwick too!

The children have really enjoyed playing with the animals

Year 6 have had a lovely walk into Rotherwick, we have posted our letters home so we hope you will get them soon, there was even time for a quick play in the local play park on the climbing frames.

Dear Parents, Carers and Year 6 children, 


We would like to warmly welcome you to our Year 6 team. Our team includes Mrs Sloan and Miss Isaacs, who are the two class teachers. Mrs Walsh, Mrs Dwyer and Mr Yost will assist in supporting the children in all areas of their learning while Mrs Kevane will continue to teach French, Music and Computing.  Year 6 is an exciting and challenging year and we are very enthusiastic about the year ahead. It may be useful to have some information regarding routine, expectations and home learning.


We will be updating the website on a regular basis and at times support with homework may be posted on here as well. We will always fully explain the expectations of any homework to the children and they can always come back and ask for support in any areas that they may find more challenging. 




The children will be asked to wear their PE kit every Tuesday and Friday to school to be ready for their PE lessons. We will remind the children of this on a Thursday. There will be no need for PE kits to come into school. 



Reading is a very important part of your child’s development and is a key indicator of success later in life. In Year Six the expectations are very high and all children should be reading every day for at least 20 to 30 minutes at home. It is important that children develop their comprehension skills as well as their ability to decode words and read fluently. Therefore it is important to ask your child questions about their reading to confirm their understanding of a text. Your child should be completing detailed entries in their reading record nightly to reflect what they have read and understood that day. This will further help them to prepare for the Key Stage 2 National Reading Test in May 2021.


Key Facts

It is very important that children develop a quick recall of their key mathematical facts in order to carry out a range of calculations quickly and accurately. All children in Year 6 should be able to fluently recall their multiplication facts (1-12) and the related division facts with speed. Please ensure these are practised regularly.



The children will be set homework three times a week and this is designed to support and develop their learning in school. It essential that all homework is completed to a high standard and is handed in on time.

English homework:  this is set on Monday and is due on Wednesday. English homework consists of a reading comprehension activity and a grammar, punctuation and spelling activity. 

Maths homework: this is set on Wednesday and is due on Friday. Maths homework consists of a online MyMaths activities and at times there may be a supporting task.


Weekend homework: this is set on Friday and is due in on Monday. Weekend homework usually consists of a reading activity or a research task related to the children's Topic, Science or wider learning.


We hope that your child has a successful and enjoyable year in Year 6 and we look forward to working with you more closely.


Mrs Sloan and Miss Isaacs.



Year 6 Blue Tie Assembly 


We are so proud of the Year 6 children and the way that they conducted themselves in our Blue Tie Assembly. The ties are a sign of the maturity that they demonstrate at school and how they will be role models to all of the other children. We hope that they will wear their ties with pride. 



Year 6 Computing

We are learning to write algorithms


When we write instructions for a computer to follow, we are writing code.  Year 6 will write code to make animations and sequences and learn that sometimes the order of the instructions matter.  Sometimes not.  We began our topic this week refreshing our learning using block coding.  Harry and Sineid wrote the following code.  Well done!  Click here  



We are making progress now by working on our own.  Today we thought about writing instructions to make an object move along a pathway to another planet.  Here is an app Alvin completed.  Later he can add moving obstacles to make the challenge greater.




Ciara planned and wrote the code for this app.  Perhaps Ciara has a future ahead of her like Samantha Cristoforetti, the first European woman to command a space station which will occur next year.    Samantha is an avid reader and speaks five languages.  She would fit in very well in our school.


Now we have deepened our skills by using more than one sequence in an app.  Will the hungry caterpillar meet a sad ending in Sasha's app?  Click here to find out.




Olaf has used the same skills with several sequences planned in his app.  It looks like a race to the table!  Click here to view it.


Using several sequences and a timer code, we have extended our learning to produce an imaginative space race.  Ben and Myles have been thinking about winning medals. Click here to run the code.  Click here to run the second code.




This week we are simulating a physical system.  A traffic light is a good example of a physical system which can be coded using sequence code and a timer.  We have learnt that coders need to be extremely precise.  That means the sequence must happen at the planned time and not a second later.  Look at Callum's app below.







It is essential to know how to keep safe while using online resources.  Please see the attached simple advice about chatting online and sharing information online.  The link below will take you to the Thinkuknow site where there is further very useful advice.  





la Musique - Looping and Mixing


Year 6 have made a super start to the topic called Looping and Mixing.  We are learning that most songs contain a repeated section.  This is called a loop.  In our first lesson we read notation to create body percussion with repeated parts.  Videos of our practice are below.  In this week's learning we moved along to create a remix using musical phrases composed by someone else.  Next week we will create our own motifs.


Do you like our music?


Click here for a remix created by Alexia Anna and Sophia

Looping and Mixing - a Body Percussion Performance

Still image for this video

This week we learned to play an original motif in preparation for a remix in the next few lessons

Still image for this video

Learning to play

Still image for this video

Then we learned to play accurately and in time. It takes effort!

Still image for this video

Playing a fragment in a Loop

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